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Virginia Beach, Virginia Photographer | Motherhood

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Motherhood...whether you're a mama to be or a seasoned mom, it's a beautiful journey. I always tell my mama clients to book a motherhood session (or wait around until I offer my motherhood minis) because you don't want the only photos your child has to look back on to be selfies. And let's be honest, we can't always depend on dad to snap decent photos, haha!

I recommend booking a session with your littles at least once a year. It's perfect for capturing their growth and your relationship through the years. Start when they're babies and don't ever stop. I still love having photos done with my mom and I'm 27 years old!

Don't let your child's age or behavior stop you from doing photos either. I've worked with children for over 10 years and know how to use the most of our time together to get candid and special moments between you and your littles! I don't ever expect a toddler to sit still and do poses, so we have lots of fun with movement, games, and even songs (I am not the best singer, FYI).

Have more than one child? Still book the session! We can snap group shots as well as some individuals with each of your babes during your session! The bottom line is, these photos will be so special to you, and will mean the world to your children. Photos stop time and will bring you back every time you look at them. While selfies are fine, these special moments will mean so much more! Book the session!

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