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The froggy pose is a complex pose in the newborn photography world that is too often seen being done incorrectly. Lexi's mission is to educate beginner/aspiring newborn photographers on the correct way to perform the froggy pose in a safe manner to avoid asphyxiation, cell death, injury, and trauma to the body.


This video is 13:55 minutes long. This video covers how to perform the froggy pose safely, warning signs of obstructed airways, and other things to be cautious of while performing this pose.


*Remember, the froggy psoe is a composite where two separate images are merged into one in photoshop. Your hands should never leave baby in this pose. It is not recommended to attempt this pose without the proper safety training.*


If you are interested in taking an in person, one-on-one newborn mentorship with Lexi, visit the link below for more info and fill out the contact form to get in touch! 


Mentorship info -

Newborn Posing Safety - The Froggy Pose

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